In this elegant and stylish book, all 762 Lamborghini Miura produced are listed and described by production number: with many never-seen-before period photographs... 

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Publisher: Kidston
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The Lamborghini Miura Register - WHITE SLIPCASE

The Lamborghini Miura Register is the best book that a fan of this car or a collector could wish for. It is a wonderful work and of great collector's value. 

In this elegant and stylish book, all 762 Lamborghini Miura produced are listed and described by production number: with many never-seen-before period photographs and much information known previously only to insiders, those core members of the Miura project given the sometimes impossible task of satisfying demand for the must-have supercar of the late-1960s.

Each car is listed in production number order with the following information:

  • Production number
  • Date of despatch
  • Body number
  • Chassis number
  • Engine number
  • Model type (with RHD where applicable)
  • Original colour
  • Original interior colour
  • Original interior material
  • Country of destination
  • Dealer
  • First owner (where known)

Where anomalies in the various records occur, these are noted, together with the ongoing chassis developments of early cars and, towards the end of production, whether a Miura had air-conditioning or was built to North American or German specification. Often, direct sales were made to significant clients and the authors are indebted to Enzo Moruzzi who, with commercial manager Ubaldo Sgarzi, was responsible for delivering the cars to often hard-to-please VIP clients. A foreword by Moruzzi describes the sales operation of the time, and the book lists all national distributors and agents.

Using the extensive Kidston historical library, together with research at the Italian registration authorities, the archive of Karl Foitek the Zurich agent and a host of other sources, the multi-lingual authors have painstakingly pieced together the history of the majority of Miuras after they left the gates at Sant’Agata.

Colour breakdowns list the colours per car and year, while the development of interior materials and their sometimes confusing and varied Italian descriptions are explained and shown in detail. The book also includes clear line drawings illustrating exactly where the chassis, body and VIN numbers are located – an essential source for would-be Miura owners.

The Bertone ledger – never previously published – is reproduced in full, listing Miuras delivered per month from prototypes in April 1966 to the final car in November 1972.

The Lamborghini Miura Register runs to over 330 pages with many high-quality period photographs never seen before and is presented in a slipcase, beautifully lined and encased in museum-quality buckram. 

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