Books published by Automobilia

Founded in Milan in 1979 by Bruno Alfieri publishing house Automobilia ("Society for the History and the image of the Automobile") publishes since the eighties numerous essays and reasoned catalogs on the most famous car: Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Mercedes , Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari in particular, thanks to Enzo Ferrari. In the coming years he founded the magazine "The Great cars" (1983-2005) and "FERRARISSIMA" (six-monthly review 1984-2006) is considered the best review on the house of Maranello. Later the "Lamborghini Review" (1988-1991) and "Zuffenhausen" dedicated to the Porsche brand (2005-2006). Of this magazine come out only two issues given that in 2006 the publisher definitively closed with the disappointment of many motoring enthusiasts who for years have collected publications. So many of these are very hard to find and sought: For availability and price visit our website.