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 On May 1, 1994 in the Tamburello corner at Imola circuit, Ayrton Senna was dying, one of the greatest champions that F1 has ever had. Twenty years after his tragic death, to remember the champion and to make known his deeds to all motoring enthusiasts, we thought to give as a gift a book about its history. Definitely an interesting book that is a must in the library of enthusiasts. And if for you, as for us, Senna is an icon and an idol of motor sport, we recommend you take a look at the many publications that have been dedicated to: go to the books of Ayrton Senna.


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AYRTON SENNA a Worldwide Myth

Bobbi Paolo

  • 15,00 € - FREE
  • Product book in paperback - pages. 128
  • Text in English
  • Size16 x 23 x 1 cm
  • Photos in B/N 30
  • Type Biography


Here's what you need to do to get the book "AYRTON SENNA a Worldwide Myth" as a gift::

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  2. terminates the purchase (lot of people forget the books in the cart :-))
  3. wait a couple of days and you will receive your order directly to your home and and your book "AYRTON SENNA a Worldwide Myth" as a gift!

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